24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Sydney

For the last 12 years Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons have been assisting the public, insurance companies & the State Emergency Services with Emergency Tree Removal throughout Sydney

We are able to respond to tree emergencies extremely fast as we have staff located all around Sydney who are well trained and prepared for these emergency situations. We can put together several emergency response teams in the matter of minutes after a storm hits and we are capable of taking on high volumes of emergency tree work

If you have a tree that you suspect may be dangerous one of our qualified Sydney Arborist can assess the tree and if needed we will advise on the safest and cheapest method to remove or cut the dangerous tree. We have EWPs & Cranes on standby 24/7, however if the tree is safe to climb we have many A grade Sydney tree climbers in our team and this option may save thousands over using a crane.

If you have a dangerous or threatening tree, please don’t hesitate to give us a call 24/7

 phone 1800 RENNIE


Owen  0404 132 268


Stuart 0414 663 354

Emergency Tree Removal Sydney

Do You Have An Emergency Tree Problem? What To Do If You Suspect A Tree May Be Dangerous?

  • No matter if the tree is on your property, neighbouring property, council land or anywhere for that matter, if there’s a chance it could fall and risk damage to property or especially cause injury to people or animals you should act, call and notify someone
  • Call Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons on 1800 RENNIE if you have an emergency tree removal Sydney or Wollongong and we can advise you on the situation
  • Make sure you keep yourself out of harms way and notify any neighbours or passing traffic that may be in the impact zone
  • The NSW SES are able to assist in emergency tree work, however during natural disasters they may be too busy to answer and respond straight away. If lives are in danger consider calling 000 and notify the Police or Fire Brigade who may assist
  • When a tree has fallen and done damage to your property and there is no further risk to people or property you should notify your Insurance Company
  • If a tree has fallen and done no damage to property and there is no further risk to people or property your insurance may not cover the Emergency Tree Removal (Please check with your Insurance company) You may need to organise a private contractor such as Rennie Bros Emergency Tree Surgeon to remove the tree
  • After severe storms and heavy winds some trees may have have been damaged and not be visible to the untrained eye or from the ground. If you have any concerns or would like us to inspect your trees for damages/ defects please give us a call on 1800 RENNIE