Professional Tree Pruning In Sydney

At Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons we love our trees and believe it is better to prune a tree rather than remove it, unless of course it is a dangerous tree or unsuitable to the location.

When it comes to tree pruning it’s not as simple as just “cut it in half” or “cut it the the fence line”… Most trees don’t work that way and either do we! If your looking for a tree lopper to hack your tree than best you keep searching… However here’s some advice, prune it right the first time and you can avoid headaches down the road and save thousands of dollars over the trees lifetime.

Our qualified Sydney Arborist will provide you with the best advice on how trees will respond to tree cutting or pruning. As Arborist’s, we can identify hazardous limbs and provide specialist advice to our clients and provide recommendations for mitigation. All pruning is done in accordance with Australian Standards AS 4373 “Pruning of amenity trees.

Our Sydney Tree Trimming Services

  • Canopy lifting & thinning trees to improve views
  • Removing dead wood for safety and the trees well being
  • Removing hazardous limbs
  • Palm tree trimming

Tree Pruning Services In Sydney

Large Gum Trees Lopping Projects

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