How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Bunch Of Trees

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Bunch Of Trees

Tree Removal & Land Clearing Sydney

Rennie Bros Tree Removal has been servicing Sydney for over 20 years. We have a team of tree quoters on the road 6 days a week who can give you a FREE Tree removal quote, but how much does it cost to remove a bunch of trees in Sydney?

Most Trees in Sydney require Council Permission

Removing or pruning a tree in Sydney usually requires council permission. Failing to obtain a council permit can result in large fines. Rennie Bros Tree Removal can advise whether the tree you wish to prune or remove will require a council permit. The cost of applying to council is approximately $165-$440 depending on how many trees you wish to remove and which council your property falls under. Rennie Bros can apply to council on your behalf in some areas

Is Your Tree Exempt From Council?

Some tree species are exempt from council permission in Sydney. Some species such as Privots and Camphor Laurels are considered weeds in certain areas and can removed without a council permit. Please check carefully before removing any tree in Sydney. Rennie Bros Tree Removal can help identify and advise on if your trees requires a council permit.

Is Your Tree in A BushFire 10/50 Area?

Your tree may also fall under the RFS 10/50 Tree Scheme which means you will not require a council permit to remove your tree. The RFS 10/50 Tree scheme was put in place to keep your house and property safe from bushfires. The 10/50 tree scheme allows you to remove any tree within 10m of your house (conditions apply


Rennie Bros removing a bunch of trees in Sydney!

Rennie Bros Tree Removal has the equipment required to remove & clear your property of trees. Our 18 inch Bandit Chippers will ingest a bunch of trees with ease.

We’ve cleared blocks of trees in Sydney ranging anywhere from $1000 to $30,000. How much your trees will cost to remove in Sydney in 2023 will depend on many factors! Such as the size of your trees (height and diameter) , the species, location, proximity to wires & whether traffic control or and EWP/ Crane/ Barge will be required.

As we know,  removing trees can be a difficult task and usually needs to be done by an expert Sydney Arborist. As there are different types of trees, the removal costs are also different. So, let’s talk about how much does it cost to remove a bunch of trees in Sydney.

Well it depends, an average land clearing job with 5 plus large trees would probably set you back around $6600

  • Small shrubs and trees removed to low stumps (2m-8m) in the front yard of a standard Sydney suburban yard would average approx $1000-$2000
  • Similar sized small trees in a rear yard or hard to reach location would cost approx $1500-$3000
  • A bunch of medium to large trees in a front yard would average $3000-$6000
  • Trees requiring a crane for a day would usually add several thousand
  • Traffic control to safely remove trees close to the street may add $700- $1650
  • Barge hire to remove a bunch of  tree on a waterfront would add $660- $4400 depending on the size of the trees

As you can see pricing a tree removal in Sydney can be quite difficult without a site inspection. Rennie Bros Tree Removal has a team of quoters on the road 6 days a week and are happy to come give you a FREE tree removal Quote

If you’d like a ball park price on removing a tree in Sydney feel free to text or email us some pictures of the tree and access and we can give you an estimate.


The Cheapest Quote Isn’t Always The Best Quote

Something you should also consider when obtaining tree removal quotes in Sydney is that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best quote. At Rennie Bros Tree Removals we try to be very competitive with our tree quotes, however some other tree companies will cut safety measures and take less care on your property which can result in property damage to, injury to the crew, clients or pedestrians.

We’ve seen many cases where the “dodgy tree loppers” destroy houses & neighbours properties resulting in one very unhappy client who is usually left up clean up the mess. Also get your tree quote in writing and choose your tree removal company wisely. Read reviews and ask your tree expert how they will be removing your tree. Ask yourself do you think they should be using traffic control or an EWP to safely work around the wires etc.

Don’t become a victim!


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