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We here stories of other Sydney & Wollongong tree loppers who trash properties and leave the customers very unhappy. Removing trees can be a very tricky task mind you… For example- huge dead brittle trees growing over glass houses and immaculate gardens. Accidents do happen and things do occasionally go wrong.

How we differ from other companies?

At Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons we take pride in our work and our goal is to make you (the customer) happy. We do everything in our power to make sure you have a good experience. We instruct our staff to take their time and treat your property like its our own. And in the rare case of an accident or problem we go above and beyond to resolve it. We plan on staying in this business for a long time and having a good reputation is key to success, however as you would know some people just can’t be pleased… Over the course of 16 years i think we’ve came across a 3 people who were born miserable and nothing you can do will make them happy 🙂

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We get lots of messages from happy customers and this makes us happy. Have a read through a few testimonials from customers who have used our tree removal service in Sydney & Wollongong and if you feel like leaving a review of your own head over to Google and have your say. We appreciate honest feedback as it helps us improve and grow!

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