Level 5 Arborist Sydney

Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons can offer specialist Level 5 Arborist advice to our clients for the management of trees. Our Level 5 Arborist Sydney can offer a very genuine consultation service to our valued clients.

Our principal Level 5 Arborist, Stuart Rennie has attained the Diploma of Arboriculture. This qualification provides the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 5.

We can offer the following:

1. Property Pre-purchase Arborist Assessments.

This can be an informal site visit to discuss the constraints and the development potential of a site before committing to the purchase.

2. Development Application Reports.

  • Often development applications request that trees on the land be considered from the initial stages of development such as design phase. We can provide a Preliminary Arboricultural Assessment Report which will identify tree species, condition and vigour and tree retention values. The information provided can assist the architect in design.
  • Once a design is proposed, our Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports will determine the viability of retention based on the proposed development and whether tree sensitive construction techniques need to be utilised or if a design change is required. Our Arboricultural Impact Assessment Reports will outline tree protection measures for trees to be retained. Reporting will be in accordance with Australian Standards AS 4970-2009 ‘Protection of trees on development sites.’


3. Supervising Arborist Certification.

Once a development has been given approval, it is often a condition of the consent that a Project Arborist is to be engaged to certify the tree protection measures and to oversee all works within the Tree Protection Zones (TPZ’s) of the trees to be retained. Details of the supervision are submitted through a written certification of compliance to satisfy council requirements.

Rennie Bros Tree Protection Zone

4. Tree Risk Assessments

Rennie Bros are experienced with tree management and have a good understanding of tree biology. We incorporate this knowledge to determine the severity of any hazards within your trees and recommend the appropriate action. Early detection of tree defects not only reduces hazards, it decreases maintenance costs. Most importantly it can result in fewer tree related accidents.

In 2014 Stuart successfully completed the International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (ISA TRAQ).
Stuart is now a preferred consultant for the Sutherland Shire Council the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) in providing Tree Risk Assessments for NSW schools. We can offer;

  • An informal Arborist Site Inspection to visually assess your trees health and condition and identify any potential hazards.
  • Aerial Assessment. Our experienced tree climbers can climb your tree and provide an Arborist aerial assessment, ensuring that you get accurate information about your trees.
  • A formal Tree Risk Assessment Arborist Report. We can provide Arborist reports to councils to accompany a tree application.

Level 5 Arborist Sydney


5. Expert Reports for court.

Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons have extensive knowledge of the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 and can provide impartial advice to our clients. Our export reports can
be used for submission to the NSW Land and Environment Court and our Level 5 Arborist can be used as an Expert Witness if required.

6. Tree pest and disease diagnosis and control

Tree diseases could be a result of biotic disorders like insects or pathogens, and abiotic disorders such as nutrient imbalance or poor soil conditions. Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons will provide an accurate diagnosis and implement a treatment program to improve your trees health