Royal National Park bushfire 2018.

On January 20th 2018 4 seperate bush fires broke out almost instantaneously in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. The rural fire service, National Park and police officers have worked throughout the the weekend to contain the fire (which is currently being investigated as deliberately lit).

Over 2100 Hectares of bushland has been destroyed however the fire is now contained.

Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons have been called in by the Royal National Park to assess the fire damaged trees and remove any trees along the roads, walking tracks and picnic areas thats are deemed unsafe and could fall and cause injury to the park users.

royal national park bushfire

Image by- Dylan Hannah Photography

With bushfire season amongst us it is a good reminder for all home owners to prepare their property to help minimise the risk of bushfire. Clearing debris from your gutters, removing unwanted rubbish from your yard, removing dead trees and trees too close to your house etc. The RFS introduced the 10/50 fire rule which makes your trees exempt from council permission if your property lies within the 1050 bushfire zone. Please find more info on the 1050 Tree clearing rule here

level 5 Arborist

Level 5 Arborist Stuart Rennie

Arborist Sutherland Shire

Arborist Owen Rennie

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