Randwick Council Tree Removal and Pruning Application

You must obtain consent from Randwick Council to remove or prune:

  • ANY palm tree (except Cocos palms),
  • cycad or tree fern of ANY size on your own property
  • ANY tree in recognised bushland
  • ANY tree on public land or any hollow bearing tree/s.

Council consent is also required for any tree works proposed for trees with:

  • a height equal to or exceeding six (6) metres;
  • a canopy width equal to or exceeding four (4) metres;
  • for a single trunk tree species, a trunk circumference equal to or exceeding one (1) metre at a height of one (1) metre above ground level; or
  • for a multi-trunk tree species, a combined trunk circumference (measured around the outer girth of the group of trunks) equal to or exceeding one (1) metre at a height of one (1) metre above ground level.tree lopping Gymea

    Randwick City Council Tree Removal Application Form

When approval is not required to remove or prune a tree on private property

Approval to prune or remove a tree on private property is not required where particular exemptions apply.

These exemptions include:

  • if the tree is dying or dead or is a risk to human life or property and is not required as the habitat of native fauna (http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/resources/cpp/AssessHabitat.pdf);
  • if the tree is growing within two (2) metres of any building (excluding an outbuilding) measured horizontally from the closest point of the trunk at one (1) metre from ground level to the closest point of the vertical alignment of the building structure which must be the eave, guttering or fixed awning of the building;
  • tree works to give effect to a development consent that permits the pruning or removal of the subject tree/s;
  • tree works on public land owned or under the care, control and management of Council and carried out by persons authorised by Council

    You also do not require Council consent to remove any of the following tree species: