Brushtail Possum Box Sydney

The Brushtail Possum is the Australian marsupial that you’ve most likely seen around Sydney or heard running across your roof at night. They are nocturnal animals that mainly feed on leaves, fruit and nuts of local flora. However they have adapted to the invasion of humans over the last century well and are known for stealing from our vegetable gardens, bins and even the kitchen. Help our wildlife and consider installing a Brushtail Possum box Sydney

possum box Sydney

Brushtail Possums are a protected species in NSW and are constantly under threat due to land clearing, development, cats, dogs & roads.

Brushtail Possums are nocturnal and live in tree hollows, but due to the lack of tree hollows around Sydney they seek shelter anywhere they can to survive. More often than not inside your roof.

What to do if you have a Possum in your roof?

  • First up, consider installing a Brushtail Possum box in your tree. This will give the Possum shelter from the strong summer sun and the cold winter nights. Rennie Bros offer supply and installation of Possum boxes within Sydney & Wollongong
  • Find out how the Possum is getting into the roof. Do not block the entry straight away as most likely the Possum will still be in your roof and it won’t leave until after dark.  To cover the entry hole use something strong as weak materials can easily be ripped open by their strong claws.
    If you are unsure if the Possum has left or how it is gaining entry into the roof it is best to get a bright light and place it in the roof switched on for a few nights. Possums sleep in the dark and it will eventually leave the roof in search of a new home.
    If all this fails, Councils, Wires or a private Possum removal man may be able to set a trap. Trapped Possums must be released within 50m of where it was caught as they are highly territorial and it may not survive if relocated
  • Trim all trees away from house where possible as Possums can jump several metres.. However trees need to be pruned to Australian Standards which restricts what can be pruned

possum box Sydney