Old is Beautiful, A list of the World’s Oldest Trees

World’s Oldest Trees

Old is Beautiful, A list of the World’s Oldest Trees

Mother Nature has blessed us with some truly marvelous creations. Trees are one of the oldest living organisms on Earth; with some having roots going all the way back to the last Ice Age. The fact that some trees are still around today after having sprouted hundreds and thousands of years ago shows their tenacity and strength in overcoming the adverse elements of wind, rain, snow, and extreme heat. Below is a list of the World’s Oldest Trees.

Seeing these massive gentle giants in their natural habitats tends to endow one with a feeling of awe and respect. Sadly, there exist depraved human beings to whom this statement does not apply. Illegal logging is common in many parts of the world and a multitude of majestic trees that have seen hundreds of summers pass and winters end are being sent to an untimely grave to satisfy the insatiable appetites of the greedy.
Scientists around the globe are fighting to protect and preserve as many of these natural wonders of the modern world as they can. Thanks to their efforts, our children and the children of generations thereafter may yet have a chance to experience having a glimpse into our ancient past, as they grow old under the looming shade of the Sycamore, Sequoia, and the Oak.
Listed below are some of the oldest and most beautiful living trees in existence today. Though trees were pruned and others fell by sharp ax and deadly saw, these still thrive with the hope they will continue to survive for many more years to come.

1.     Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina

This giant southern live oak is named after Justus Angel and his wife, Martha Waight Tucker Angel, who were the former owners of the estate upon which it grows. The property is located in Angel Oak Park which is on Johns Island near Charleston. It’s estimated to be around 400-500 years old.
The Angel Oak Tree has become somewhat endangered in recent times, as encroachment from nearby construction sites threatens to cut off underground sources of nutrients and water. Thankfully, the local residents have championed its preservation and it looks like the Angel Oak will live to see another day.

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2.     Rhododendron “Tree” in Canada

While a rhododendron is technically a shrub, that hasn’t stopped “Lady Cynthia” from becoming the most famous “tree” in Ladysmith, British Columbia. The 25-foot-high Lady is 116 years old and carries about 4,000 spring blossoms when in season. It’s rumored that she arrived on the shores of Ladysmith borne on the hull of a Scottish sailing ship.
Lady Cynthia became famous when a picture of her was posted online. Since then, she’s attracted more attention to her small Canadian hometown; thanks to her newfound internet fame.

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3.     Wisteria “Tree” in Japan

Japan is a land of mystery, intrigue, and romance. The Ashikaga Flower Park characterizes everything noble and honorable that we’ve come to associate with the Japanese culture. The center of attraction here is one of the largest Wisteria in the country; a 144-year-old specimen with beautiful pink and purple blossoms.  It’s about 1,990 square meters in circumference.
Although a wisteria may look like a tree, it’s actually a vine. These vines are so large and heavy that the park has had to construct steel beams to support their weight.

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4.     Dragon Blood Trees in Yemen

These remnants of Laurasian subtropical forests from the Mio-Pliocene period are unique in both appearance and their sap. The shape of these trees resemble an umbrella, having a long trunk and highly-compacted branches and leaves located only at the very top.
The Dragon Blood tree is named after the color of its sap which is dark red and has been used for everything from mouthwash, to lipstick, to ritual magic, and alchemy.
Increased tourism and industrial developments in the area are threatening the survival of these descendants of trees that watched through the ages as mankind learned to walk and talk. But thankfully, efforts are ongoing to safeguard the Dragon Blood trees and their habitat.

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5.     “The President” in California

This gigantic sequoia tree located in the Giant Forest of the Sequoia National Park was named after President Warren G. Harding in 1923. It currently stands tall at 247 feet high and 27 feet wide.
The President is the oldest living sequoia tree in the world; estimated to be about 3,200 years old. As far as thick trunks go, it’s also named as the second-largest tree in the world.

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6.     Avenue of Oaks in South Carolina

The Boone Hall Plantation is one of the longest-running plantations in the United States; in production for over 320 years. This area has great historical significance and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
One of the highlights of the plantation is the “Avenue of Oaks” which features about a kilometer of southern live oak trees on both sides of the road leading up to the plantation house.
These beautifully twisted and foreboding branches give the place a mysterious aura and definitely solidify it as one of the top must-see locations in South Carolina.

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7.     Baobab Trees in Madagascar

The Baobab Tree of Madagascar positively resembles something straight out of a science fiction novel. It’s also known as “the tree of life” and “monkey bread tree”. The trunk is extraordinary in that it can hold up to 120,000 liters of water. For most of the year, the Baobab Tree looks dead and barren, with no leaves or fruits to be seen.
This ancient tree species is rumored to be very old. One tree in particular which is 22 meters high and wide enough to fit a pub inside is said to have been carbon dated at over 6,000 years old.

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8.     The Great Banyan Tree in India

This amazing Banyan Tree has survived multiple cyclones and harsh weather conditions. Nobody knows its exact age but based on references in historical texts dating back to the 1700s, it’s believed to be more than 250 years old. Its branches cover so much ground that walking amongst them feels like being in a forest.
The Great Banyan Tree is located in a Botanic Garden near Kolkata. Even though the garden features a large collection of exotic plants gathered from 5 different continents, the Great Banyan Tree continues to draw all the attention of tourists that visit each year.

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