Georges River Council Tree Removal and Pruning

Georges River Council tree removal & pruning information below. Please give us a call if you are unsure of whether you need council permission to remove a tree in Georges River Council area

tree removal Georges river

Depending on where you live, the conditions which apply to your application to remove or prune a tree currently fall under one of three processes: 

How to find a professional Arborist to remove your tree in the Georges River Council area? 3 tips below!

1– Does your tree removal company have a website, Facebook page or an online presence? Im not saying this is a must have, but its a good way to know the company is legit and have a read of their credentials

2– Ask for copies of their insurance. Most professional tree companies will carry 10-20 Million Public liability insurance. Ask them to email you a copy with their quote

3– Are they qualified Arborists? Now i do know some very talented professional people in the industry who are great at their job and have no “Qualifications” but a minimum of a cert 3 in Aboriculture is something you could expect your Tree professional to have. Level 5 even better (however sometimes i feel these certificates are being found in cereal boxes……..)

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