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Caring For The Environment

Caring For The Environment 

For the last 16 years Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons have been removing and pruning trees around Sydney. As huge animal and nature lovers it saddens us at times seeing big old trees being removed. We’ve been abused by so called “greenies” and animal activists countless times whilst removing trees and too our defence someones got to do it, so better to be the Rennie Bros than someone who doesn’t care. We have always tried to talk a customer out of removing a tree if it isn’t a threat or offers wildlife habitat, or prune it instead to minimise the danger. We’ve rescued hundreds of animals and worked closely with WIRES in the process.

Sadly though Australian wildlife and its habitat is being lost at an alarming rate due to land clearing, development and the increasing population of humans. Many council’s and organisations are doing their part to help but unfortunately it’s not enough. Our local wildlife is under threat!

Rennie Bros are now dedicated to creating wildlife habitat throughout Sydney 

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Tree Planting

As you’d already know trees pay an enormous role on our survival. Without trees we would all die. Now that should be enough motivation for everyone to go out and plant a tree…

However trees are even more important to our local wildlife as they rely on them for food and shelter.

Rennie Bros our now dedicated to planting thousands of trees around Sydney

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We are now offering tree planting for all our customers. As Arborist’s we can choose the right species for your property and plant it in suitable location so it has the best chance to survive and thrive!

If your interested in Rennie Bros planting trees contact us now!

Creating a Wildlife Friendly Backyard

Did you know that over half of Australia’s threatened species and ecosystems occur within the urban fringe? Sydney alone is home to 28 threatened mammals, 68 threatened birds, 13 threatened reptiles and 6 threatened frogs.

Many modern gardens have large areas of lawn and paving where smaller creatures struggle to survive.

Creating a wildlife friendly garden is a great way to help our wildlife. Even something as  simple as a bird bath can be a life saver to a travelling bird in need of a stop over.

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Heres a few tips to creating a wildlife habitat in your yard

A canopy layer of trees with hollows provides habitat for insects, larger birds, possums and bats. Instead of removing a tree completely, consider leaving a trunk with some stubs which in time will form hollows

A shrub layer includes small trees, large shrubs and tree-ferns. These plants provide habitat for insects, birds, possums and tree-frogs.

A ground cover layer can consist of small shrubs, climbers, scramblers, ferns, herbs and grasses. This layer provides habitat for insects, frogs, lizards, small marsupials, and small birds.

Mulch provides nutrients for trees and shrubs, helps keep away unwanted weeds and is food and protection for insects, frogs and lizards. This in turn provides food for birds.

Logs & Rocks provide food and protection for insects, frogs and lizards

A pond provides habitat for fish, frogs, lizards and also drinking water for birds and other fauna.

Adding a wildlife nesting box to your trees will provide a home for the local wildlife. We offer Possum Box installation in Sydney

Bird feeders & bird baths do provide food, water & a bath for birds but is a topic with arguments on both sides… My opinion is DONT feeding any wildlife, however a bird bath is ok.

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