Canterbury Bankstown City Council Tree Removal & Pruning

Canterbury Bankstown City Council tree removal & pruning information can be found below. It is important you check all rules before having any tree work done on or around your property as you (the owner) are responsible for your trees. Any illegal tree works done can result in you the owner being heavily fined.

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Council permission is NOT REQUIRED to prune or remove trees that are

  • Less then 5m high
  • Within 3m of an existing dwelling (measured at 1.4m above ground level)

To prune or remove a tree you will need to obtain a permit by completing an Application for Permission to Prune/Remove Trees.

The standard fee if $90 or $45 for pensioners

Council will only accept applications from property owners or their legally authorised representatives. In the case of multi-occupancy dwellings (units or town houses) permission of the body corporate must be obtained.

Download Canterbury Bankstown tree removal & pruning application

Questions & Answers

Q- When do you need to apply to Council for a permit to remove or prune a tree?

A- Council consent is required to remove or prune all trees which have a height of more than 5 metres.

Q- Who can apply for a tree removal in Canterbury Bankstown?

A- Property owners or their legally authorised representatives can apply to Council to remove or prune a tree. In the case of multi- occupancy dwellings (units or town houses) permission from the body corporate must be obtained.

Q- What if I want my neighbour to prune or lop a tree on an adjoining property?

A- In the first instance you should consult your neighbour to gain their cooperation. Council will accept applications from neighbours provided they have the permission of the owner of the tree (see page 1 of this application). If Council does issue a permit, this
does not compel the tree owner to carry out such work, nor does it imply that you have permission to enter their property to carry
out the work. Where the cooperation of your neighbour is not obtained or there is a dispute over a tree, the matter should be referred to the Community Justice Centre, for assistance with mediation – telephone 1800 990 777

What trees are exempt from Canterbury Bankstown City Council?

  • Removal or pruning of any tree under 5 metres in height or any tree growing within 3 metres of the main residential dwelling (measured from the external enclosing wall of the dwelling to the main trunk of the tree)

Removal of deadwood or pruning of up to 10% of the foliage of a tree within any 12 month period, with all pruning to be done in accordance with Australian Standards (AS 4373, Pruning of Amenity Trees). Note: reducing the height of a tree by 10% (cutting the top off a tree or crown lopping) is NOT in accordance with these standards.

Exempt Tree Species

Ligustrum Sp

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Salix species

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Cinnamomum camphora
Camphor laurel

tree removal Sutherland shire

Cuprocyparis x leylandii & Cultivars
Cypress Pines

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Liquidamber styraciflua

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Pinus radiata
Radiata Pine or Monterey Pine

tree lopping Sutherland shire

Syagrus romanzoffiana
Cocos palm

tree lopping Sutherland shire

Ficus elastica
Rubber tree

Populus Spp

Olea africana
Wild Olive

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Fruit Trees
Cumquat, Grape Fruit, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Orange (edible species)

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Canterbury Bankstown City Council Tree Removal & Pruning Info is always being updated on their website and rules may change at anytime. Please check to make sure all info is current or feel free to give us a call on 1800 RENNIE and we can advise you whether or not you will need to seek council permission

How to find a professional Sydney Arborist? 3 tips below!

1– Does your tree removal company have a website, Facebook page or an online presence? Im not saying this is a must have, but its a good way to know the company is legit and have a read of their credentials

2– Ask for copies of their insurance. Most professional tree companies will carry 10-20 Million Public liability insurance. Ask them to email you a copy with their quote

3– Are they qualified Arborists? Now i do know some very talented professional people in the industry who are great at their job and have no “Qualifications” but a minimum of a cert 3 in Aboriculture is something you could expect your Tree professional to have. Level 5 even better (however sometimes i feel these certificates are being found in cereal boxes……..)

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