Tree Removal Sydney & Wollongong

At Rennie Bros Tree Surgeons we specialise in Tree Removal. With over 15 years in the game our qualified Sydney Arborist have the experience required to remove your tree safely

We specialise in the tree removal of difficult and dangerous trees

  • Storm damaged trees
  • Trees near power lines
  • 10/50 tree clearing
  • Dead & dangerous trees
  • Trees requiring road closures and traffic control
  • Bad access trees needing Cranes, Elevated Work Platforms or barges
  • After hours Emergency Tree Removal Sydney & Wollongong

tree removal

We have experience in dealing with the 10/50 Tree & Vegetation Clearing Scheme and can advise which trees should be removed to minimise risk of fire to your property

We have equipment to cater for the smallest difficult access trees to the largest of tree removal land clearing projects

We take safety very serious and all staff are either fully Qualified Arborist’s or studying at NSW TAFE in Arboriculture. Our staff are equipped with full PPE including chainsaw protective clothing and our equipment is always being updated and kept at a highly professional level.

In other words, we don’t own run down 20 year old trucks that will leak oil all over your driveway!


tree removal Sydney


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Tree Removal Sydney & Wollongong

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