Husqvarna T536 Li XP Chainsaw

The Husqvarna T536 Li XP chainsaw, the first professional Arborist battery powered chainsaw

When i first heard about the Husqvarna T536 battery powered chainsaw i laughed it off as a joke and i didn’t even give it a chance. It reminded me of one of those plastic toy chainsaws you see every 2nd kid playing with or something your next door neighbour would pull out with his ladder on a sunday after a trip to Bunnings, definitely not something a professional Arborist would use.. Boy was i wrong! – Read More […]

Husqvarna T536 Li XP chainsaw

 Beware of the Door Knocking Tree Loppers

It’s a beautiful sunny Autumns day, your outside raking up those annoying Liquidamber leaves that invade your yard each year. You hear a knock on the front door, beauty, some Sydney Tree Loppers.. just what I’ve been looking for! Ok, so you show them a few trees around your yard, great, no council permission required he says, your allowed to cut those branches hanging over your yard from the neighbours tree he says, great, yep fully insured he says… WOW only $500 he says, all waste removed.. This sounds too good to be true- Read More […]

Sydney tree loppers

 Everything you need to know about the NSW 10/50 Tree & Vegetation Clearing Scheme 

Bushfires in Australia are frequent events during the hotter months of the year, due to Australia’s mostly hot, dry climate. In southeast Australia, bushfires tend to be most common and most severe during summer and autumn (December–March)

A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bush fire. You can reduce the fire risk around your home by clearing out anything that could fuel a fire, this includes trees, however we believe not all trees close to your house need to be removed. As qualified Arborists we can advise you on ways to best prepare your trees for bush fires- Read More […]

10/50 Tree





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